WordPress Real Estate Website Design

Craig Harnish, Kingsway Realty, Lancaster, PA
WordPress for real estate website design.
WordPress Real Estate Website design, search engine optimization and hosting.

Why WordPress for a Real Estate Website?

Simple! Many IDX providers have released WordPress Plugins that facilitate adding local MLS searches to WordPress. WordPress IDX plugins add not just an MLS search page but an MLS Quick Search widget so you can have search on every page of your website. Scrolling sideshows of featured homes for any location, price range or other MLS detail you care to specify. Market data in tables and graphs and more.

WordPress was already the top Blogging platform and now it's the top Content Management System (CMS). Adding WordPress to your real estate website gives you the strongest, most widely supported CMS available today. Adding an IDX plugin to your site increases the richness of your content. Better content attracts and retains more visitors interacting with your website for longer periods. Simply stated... more leads!