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Project Description

Custom designed website to support the recruiting efforts of Point Dedicated, a Michigan based trucking firm. This mobile responsive HTML5 and CSS3 website has a custom built employment application that matches their paper application for seamless integration onto their business.

Connected with YouTube to facilitate playing of their driver testimonials. The website also incorporates unique password protected logins for both company clients and drivers.

Project Details

  • DateJuly, 2013
  • ClientPoint Dedicated Services LLC
  • TechnologyHTML
  • Live Websitewww.pointdedicated.comVisit Website


A custom mobile responsive multi page web form to facilitate collecting prospective driver/applicants details to process applications. Details of application as follows.

  1. Driver clicks on Driver Quick App link integrated into website and is linked to a page that contains the questions listed on the Pre.docx with Yes/No radio buttons. If radio buttons are ticked incorrectly the visitor is directed to a page that says “YOU DO NOT MEET OUR QUALIFICATIONS AT THIS TIME.”

    If the questions are answered correctly the visitor will be passed to the next step (The Pre-screen questions answers are returned in the form email along with the answers to the Drivers Quick Application…). The visitor will be given the option to print a PDF version of your full employment application or if they prefer proceed to the online quick application.

  2. PSP form requiring electronic signature (returned to the client in a separate email to facilitate forwarding only this portion of the Quick App results) with a NEXT button.

  3. Driver Quick App form including input fields for Full Name, Email, Phone, City, State, Driver’s License number, State License Issued In, Date of Birth, How many years of experience do you have, How did you hear about us, questions/comments – with a NEXT button.

    Disclosure Statement link – (on a separate page from the Quick App) but with a mandatory check box that says “I have read the disclosure statement.” Text will open as a closeable overlay with a button that says return to previous page and closes the newly opened window. (Disclosure statement is returned to the client in the email resulting from a successful quick application).

  4. Authorization Form requiring electronic signature (returned to the client in the email resulting from a successful quick application) with a “Submit Application” button.

  5. Upon successful completion of the short app a confirmation message will be displayed on a thank you page saying “A recruiter will contact you shortly for additional information”.