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Facebook Social Media IconFacebook is a social media networking website owned by facebook, inc.. Facebook users can add friends, colleagues, businesses associates, clients, customers and prospective customers to their accounts in order to keep them up to date on themselves, their business, activities and products. Each time a facebook user posts a message on their facebook “wall page” anyone who has been added to their account as a friend or a fan of their page is instantly informed with a copy on their own Facebook page.

Facebook can be a powerful online tool to keep clients up to date with special offers, new releases, technical updates, service releases and much more.

Users of facebook can start up to 200 “facebook groups” joining together users that share common interests. Users may set their personal and or group profile to public display in which case the contents of their pages may be returned in organic search results on Google and other search engines.

In today’s social media charged internet, Facebook fan pages are a necessity for many companies. Fan pages allow customers, and potential customers, to easily follow news and information about your company activities, products and services on their “news feed” page which is displayed to them each time they login. A fan page can generate allot of traffic to company websites and can create interest in new products and more. The trick to making facebook work for your company is building a following. Ask us how Facebook can work for you!

As of October, 2019 Facebook claims 2.45 billion monthly active users as of the third quarter of 2019. The next closest competitor is theri own Facebooks wholly owned property Instagram where 35 perscent of Americans have an account.

Contact us today and learn how Facebook can help grow your business.

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