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Acel International, Washington DC
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Engineering Company Website Design
Engineering company website design and search engine optimization.

Acel International selected us as the designer for their new engineering company website in early 2010. An engineering firm with activities in IT & communications, global logistics, and health services world wide, they wanted a website that presented their offerings in an easy to understand, visually stunning way. We created a simple home page displaying each of their primary activities in a color coded column. We added a color synchronized image changer that displays a photo and bullet points for each of the companies functions. The final design facilitates quick identification of the companies services and simple navigation.

Great engineering website designs present the sometimes complex engineering services offered, in a simple format, easily digested by non engineers. Effective engineering website design convey the message without drowning the audience.

If your engineering company is searching for a new website design or engineering company website designer, welcome. Tell us about your engineering company. We can create almost anything you can imagine. Contact us using our online questionnaire or call us today at 1-717-569-2484 to discuss your hosting, engineering website design and engineering search engine optimization needs.

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