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Pay Us Today and Rank Tomorrow

“We can get you to the top of search in a short period, and we guarantee you’ll be on page 1 by next week!” Not. 

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What is a White Hat SEO Specialist?

White hat SEO specialists follow the guidelines laid out by the search engines. A white hat SEO will make improvements to your website to make

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What is a Black Hat SEO Specialist?

Black hat SEO specialists, as the name implies, are akin to sorcerers who will use any method, good or bad, to push a website to

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When one of the pillars of the SEO community drops SEO form their name if you hadn’t already seen the handwriting on the wall it

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Is Your Bottom Line Hooked on Google?

In the last decade many small businesses have sprouted and grown tremendously almost solely with sales and leads generated from the internet. Like no other

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The Three Steps to Success on the Internet

Sometime in the short history of the Internet a fallacy akin to the famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams”, “if you build it

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Who is Qualified to Provide SEO for your Website?

SEO is a very technical field. Considering that Google changes their algorithm almost daily, it is also very dynamic. There have been books, papers and

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The History of SEO

Webmasters started to optimize their websites and content in the mid 1990’s. In the beginning, optimization didn’t involve much more than writing topical content and

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What is the Truth About Search Engine Optimization?

Do you own a business? Have a website? Do you ever wonder why your website doesn’t rank near the very top of Google for phrases

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