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Has Your Business Been Disrupted?

Has your business been disrupted by your competitors or perhaps Google? Disruption is the word of the day. Apple essentially turned the music industry upside

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How to Write Content for SEO for a Website?

New clients interested in sharing in the workload of SEO and saving some monthly expenses often ask to write their own SEO content. Inevitably the question “How do I

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Is Google Bad For Innovation? For Competition?

Today’s article in Site Pro News reports on ( EU Charges Google With Breaching Anti-Trust Law) Google’s ongoing legal woes in Europe. In short the

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Annually April 15th is a bad day for many, don’t allow Google to make April 21st even worse.

Google, often mysterious about how their search engine works, making changes behind the scenes, without even a whisper. So much out of character, Google for

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How Do Social Media Practices Boost SEO

Good article on Tuesday that explains the correlations between Social Media and SEO. Have a read. 6 Social Media Practices That Boost SEO.

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In an article published today on Web Pro News you can see a list of the years top losers in terms of Google search referrals.

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Google Adding Mobile Ready as a Ranking Signal

Do you use a smartphone? So do your prospective clients! Today’s mobile phone users aren’t just making phone calls they’re searching the internet. With this

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Should you Consider PPC advertising (Pay Per Click) as an Alternative to Organic SEO?

I’ll try to answer this question as simply as possible and not overwhelm you with details. The answer is, it depends. It depends on: The

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Was 2012 really the birth of Content Marketing? Not.

Part of any really successful website is the written content contained within its pages: specifically content relevant to the target subject(s). It is for these

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