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Companies like Go Daddy, Blue Host, Host Gator, etc. are bulk hosts. Because there is no limit to the number of websites that can be hosted on a web server, bulk hosts put together very attractive (appearing) packages and offer them for low entry level prices. They offer allot of storage. Allot of bandwidth... all for a very reasonable price. Seems like a great deal, right? Well here's the catch, they know that the average client won’t use more than a few hundred meg of storage. And that 99 out of 100 sites get very little traffic (keeping bandwidth use low) because they don't rank well in search engines.

Bulk website hosts can actually host thousands of sites on one server. Eventually these servers become overloaded, they respond slowly to even simple web page requests. Your visitors, if not very patient may not want to wait seconds or worse minutes for your web pages to load in to their browser. Your website performs poorly for visitors. And, they respond slowly to the search engine spiders, which can negatively impact your search engine rankings.

Our core business is search engine optimization. We need to provide high quality, quick responding servers to offer premium hosting to our SEO clients. We will never bulk load our servers and closely monitor their usage to prevent server overload.

Where these bulk hosting companies make their money is with extras. An example is Go Daddy’s famous $1.99* domain name registration. When you read the fine print, you learn this low price is only valid in conjunction with an order for another service, e.g. hosting.

In addition there are many other extras they can sell to you down the road if they can get their hooks into you early. Many new hosting clients will eventually need things that they are not even aware of when they sign up for their cheap hosting accounts. More email accounts, data bases, PHP, MySQL, Domain parking, Domain redirects…

Do you know how much it costs Go Daddy for their Super Bowl Commercials? To Sponsor NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin? IndyCar / NASCAR driver Danica Patrick? If you do then you know that these companies aren't giving away anything.

You can see the hosting plans we offer here: Lancaster, PA Hosting Plans

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