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I like to think my wife and I are very close. We know each others likes and diss likes, what makes one another happy if not angry. How we prefer to spend are free time and on and on. We share our most private thoughts. Things we would never consider discussing with others. Perhaps you feel the same way about one or more of the primary relationships in your life.

In case you weren’t aware you’ve saddled up to another primary relationship in your life, perhaps without even realizing it. Google has slowly but surely built an empire of data collection sources and can now claim to know you better than anyone. Maybe even your spouse.

Have a look at this Infographic and get better acquainted with your new best friend :  How Much Does Google Really Know About You?

Very reminiscent of 1984!

Sorry to say the only way to break off this relationship is by divorcing virtually all of the wonderful technology that has become so much a part of our everyday lives.



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