Posted on 15th July 2018 by in Search Engine Optimization

They will tell you: “To reach the top of search you must have the key phrase repeated time and time again, over and over on your web page(s). Each key phrase must apear 4.675 times per page!  This is part of the our search engine optimization service.  Without this modificationto your website, will never be able to be ranked to the top”. This just isn’t true.  In earlier days of search engine optimization it appeared that  there was some magic formulation for the number of times each key phrase should appear on a page in order to have that same page rank highly in the search engine results.  In later years this was proven to be untrue: a primary example was the top rankings George W. Bush received for the search term “miserable failure” while that phrase never appeared on the page in question’s written content.  These rankings were achieved simply  by having a number of extra websites pointing to the page in question,using  the phrase in question as the links anchor text.(clickable portion)

There is no question that the use of the desired phrase in your website’s written copy adds stimulus to the search engines and aids in the eventual ranking of your page for that phrase.  However, there is no magic formula for the exact number of times phrases should be repeated.  You should use natural language when writing your web content.  Have the phrase or phrases apear as they normally would. Remember, your desired visitors are not SEO experts; they are going to use their own every day  language to deploy their search.

Google is all about writing content for your visitors.  Rarely do Google insiders speak about techniques for search engine optimization. They emphasize that you should prepare your website and its content in the manner that best suits your visitors. You don’t need to give particular care to what you believe Google is looking for. Your website will achieve the best results by simply being an authority for your particular subject.

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