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Month: April 2014

Who Really Owns Your Website?

Seems like a dumb question huh? Don’t be so sure, the info-graphic below will educate the uniformed about basics of websites, domain names, hosting, platforms,

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Facebook – Head & Shoulders Above the Rest when Measured in Actual Referalls

Facebook Continues to Drive Traffic | SiteProNews. Interesting to see that despite hype in all directions from various factions in the internet marketing industry, Facebook

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How does your SEO’s own website rank?

As a company supplying  internet marketing services to our clients, and advertising these services on the internet, I’m surprised at how many phone calls and

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Hosting has no effect on search rankings!

High-quality hosting has everything to do with search engine rankings.  Since the beginning of search engine optimization as a practice by amateurs and professionals alike,

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Consider capturing market share on the internet in three steps. Step 3:

3 – Optimize the Conversion Capability of Your Website You’ve launched your beautiful website; had it optimized by a professional. And now, you check your

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Great infographic – learn all about logo design!

What do logos cost? What do their colors imply? What is the history of some of Americas most famous logos?

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